Friday, May 17, 2013

Needing salvation

With thanks to Iglesia Descalza
by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl)
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May 19, 2013

John 20:19-23

God's Holy Spirit isn't the property of the Church. It doesn't belong exclusively to the denominations. We must invoke its coming to the whole world that is so in need of salvation. Come, Creator Spirit of God. There's no peace in your world. Your sons and daughters are killing each other cruelly and blindly. We don't know how to resolve our conflicts without resorting to the destructive force of weapons. We've become accustomed to living in a world bloodied by wars. Awaken in us respect for every human being. Make us peace builders. Don't abandon us to the power of evil.

Come, Liberator Spirit of God. Many of us, your sons and daughters, live as slaves to money. Caught in a system that keeps us from moving together towards a more humane world. The powerful are richer and richer, the weak ever poorer. Free in us the strength to work for a more just world. Make us more responsible and supportive. Don't leave us in the hands of our selfishness.

Come, Renewing Spirit of God. The human race is broken and fragmented. We, a minority of your sons and daughters, enjoy a good life that's dehumanizing us more and more. A huge majority die of hunger, destitution, and malnutrition. Inequality and social exclusion are growing among us. Awaken in us the compassion that fights for justice. Teach us to always defend the last and the least. Don't let us live with hearts that are sick.

Come, Consoling Spirit of God. Many of your sons and daughters live without knowing love, home, or friendship. Others walk around lost and without hope. They don't have a worthy life, only uncertainty, fear, and depression. Revive in us attention to those who are suffering. Teach us to be nearest to those who are most alone. Cure us of indifference.

Come, Good Spirit of God. Many of your sons and daughters don't know your love or your mercy. They've gone away from you because they're afraid of you. Our young people no longer know how to talk with you. Your name is being erased from consciences. Awaken in us faith and trust in You. Make us bearers of your Good News. Don't leave us orphans.

Come, Enlivening Spirit of God. We, your sons and daughters, don't know how to care for life. We fail to progress without destroying, we don't know how to grow without hoarding. We are making your world a place that's more and more insecure and dangerous. In many, fear is growing and hope is dying out. We don't know where we're going. Pour into us your creative spirit. Make us journey towards a healthier life. Don't leave us alone. Save us!

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